About us

Manders transport company, founded in 1936, has always been a family business. Tinie's parents laid the foundation for the business in Tongerle, a district of Eindhoven. After the father's death, first the mother and then the three sons continued to manage the company.


In 1985, the company was relocated to Nuenen. Since 1993, Tinie has been running the business on his own, and the company has since grown at a rapid pace. Again, larger and better premises were needed for the company, and they were found in Geldrop. In 1999, the company grounds with private offices, warehouses, a wash tunnel and a workshop were taken into operation.

Apart from transport, Tinie Manders B.V. also became strongly involved in the areas of storage, relocation and the distribution of goods in the Benelux countries and in the German border area. This enabled the company to build a second factory hall in 2001.

The last expansion took place in 2004, so that the company now disposes of a storage area of about 25,000 m2 and 300 m2 of office premises, which are also available to the customers.

Frank and Eveline, son and youngest daughter of Tinie and Ellen Manders, also work at Tinie Manders B.V. The oldest daughter Simone is self-employed and has her own haulage business.


Tinie Manders B.V. continues to invest in the future in order to ensure the company's continuity. 

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